No more “studio” photo sessions – we are all natural and capturing your natural beauty!

I have long been a nature photographer/videographer (producing some of outdoor TV's most engaging content). I have decided that the best photos in the world are those that come natural to the world around us. Why shouldn't that include us? Weddings, engagements, family, modeling - all could and should be shot in the natural world God has created for us. So... Away with "special lights" and "studio backdrops" - we're going NATURAL!

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Natural Photography

I guess the first question one might ask is, “What is natural photography?  Isn’t all photography natural?”  Of course, taking a photograph of a moment in time certainly qualifies as sampling reality in it’s natural setting… However, what I endeavor to do is remove the veneer of affected outcomes for the sake of presenting beauty unaffected by a sterile environment…

Looking For Talent

I almost feel like getting clients to photograph is harder than finding a date!  All joking aside – part of my journey right now, transitioning from Outdoor TV and such to Outdoor Photography (artistic) requires I begin a portfolio of work.  I’d LOVE to do that… I am just having the hardest time finding folks who would like a FREE…