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“What would Jesus do?” is the challenge offered by the humble “tramp” interrupting the worship service at First Church of Raymond. To follow In His Steps is the Reverend Henry Maxwell’s response as he and members of his congregation embark on a spiritual journey to do just that. Set in the early 1900’s, In His Steps is a one-man dramatic adaptation of Charles Sheldon’s Christian classic that has inspired millions of readers and is one of the best selling books of all time!

In His Steps was adapted to the stage by Chuck Neighbors in 1984. The drama has been performed all across North America in hundreds of churches, university and conference settings. It has been featured on both radio and television. While Mr. Neighbors still performs the presentation, Wes Whatley will be the the third actor to bring the performance to the stage beginning in 2017.

Length: Approx. 50 minutes
Author: Chuck Neighbors
Themes: What would Jesus do?, Discipleship, Commitment
Audience: Teen through adult
Great for worship services, outreach events, dinner/dessert theater, retreats and conferences

“What People are Saying About “In His Steps”

It is a message of inspiration that everyone would be blessed to hear.
Tony Campolo
Eastern University
St. Davids, PA

In His Steps is one of the finest dramatic presentations of its kind…performed in two pastorates in different parts of the United States and the responses from our people were always the same: excellent!
James Spruce, District Superintendent
Illinois District Church of the Nazarene
Alton, IL

I was amazed, what a powerful impact his dramatic presentation has in conveying the simple Gospel message… When you can provoke that kind of thought in your audience, I believe that ministry is a success.
Peter Iliyn, Director
Youth With a Mission
Salem, OR

Your presentation was most tasteful and entertaining while at the same time, a clear presentation of a very challenging biblical message. Our people are impacted for good by the message you presented
Mark Levering
Sierra Bible Church
Sonora, CA

Mr. Neighbors has adapted the Charles Sheldon turn-of-the-century novel to make it a surprisingly relevant and powerful presentation. Our people at Ryerson found it a deeply moving experience.
Alan Reynolds
Ryerson United Church
Vancouver, BC

Excellent presentation that moved half our congregation to the alter in response …a message that needs to be heard in every church.
Mike Wise
Connection Central
Canby, OR

What a blessing it was to have you here. . .I personally was challenged, blessed and had a ‘stirring up’ of the soul. When you finished your drama, there seemed to be a ‘holy hush’ among us. I noticed the dabbing of eyes and the emotion-filled faces. … I trust we will be better able to walk in His steps because of the hour spent with your presentation.
Vernon Myers
Media Mennonite Church
Oxford, PA

We found the presentations to be sensitive, warm and powerfully moving. The spiritual impact of ‘In His Steps’ on our congregation was the strongest that we can recall. It resulted in transformed lives and in a renewed interest and involvement in ministry for Christ in numerous people.
Henry Willms
Dalhousie Mennonite Brethren Church
Calgary, AB

Forceful, dynamic, spiritual. Several knelt to receive Christ. The majority of the congregation responded in kneeling prayer for guidance. . .’In His Steps’ is highly recommended.
Rueben Wilson
Westminster Community Church
Shoreline, WA

In His Steps had a profound influence on our people. I would gladly recommend your performance to any other congregation who might inquire of me.
Theo Johnson
East Hill Church Family
Gresham, OR

We were transported into a story of the past whose issues are our present and future. The ‘In His Steps’ presentation …spoke to us in a marvelous way. Its timeless message has strengthened us individually and congregationally to live with a timely and intentional passion as followers of Christ.
Victor Rodriguez
Marysville Free Methodist
Marysville, WA

In His Steps was by far the most excellent Christian dramatic presentation I have ever seen. Not only was the content cogent to a Christianity that seems self-indulgent and self-seeking in this day and age, but also the presentation, of a Christ-like life was credible and spell-binding.
David Parker
Sylvan Way Baptist Church
Bremerton, WA

Many of our church members commented about the impact the message had upon them. Your inspiring dramatization of the message of Charles Sheldon’s book was an encouragement for all of us to re-evaluate our own actions and motivations in light of what Jesus would do.
Gary Bassham
Willamette Community Church
Albany, OR

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